Susan Bray

Susan Bray

Susan Bray is an Energy and Performance Coach.

 She helps high aspiring women in business to achieve greater success and fulfillment in all areas of their life through mastering their Energy. She helps them to gain resilience, high
energy, and low stress – naturally.

Susan believes that Real Energy is the foundation for Real Success. Real Energy is the wellspring for resilience, vitality, strength, relaxation, resourcefulness, clarity, confidence, courage and authenticity. With Real Energy, people can Be more, Achieve more and Contribute more. 

Having spent many years in business herself, she is passionate about helping women to break through, what she calls, The Glass Wall. This is the frustration and sense of limitation that comes with chronically low energy, fatigue, overwhelm, and stress. All this erodes the joy and fulfillment they can experience in their success. It also significantly impacts the levels of performance and income they can reach. It turns life into a juggling act and kicks women out of connection to their center. It can also be a corrosive source of shame.

From an early age, Susan has been passionate about helping people realize their potential. She has always been fascinated about what it takes for individuals to thrive. Without always being conscious of it, she had one question at the back of her mind. “ How can I move to freedom and wholeness beyond the limitations of my mind, body and spirit?” Since experiencing ‘chronically’ low energy and stress for many years, she learned a hard lesson. Habits, that had brought her success earlier, were limiting her ability to live a truly fulfilled, engaged and successful life.

After years of trial and error, she learned that without nourishing the foundations for a well-lived life, she would only ever be able to access a small part of her potential. She would never feel truly happy or alive. She resolved to claim her life back and searched out powerful methods and strategies for regaining high energy and extraordinary health. She discovered that it was more than what she ate and how she exercised. Despite being a positive and enthusiastic person, she also needed to upgrade her beliefs, behavior, and habits!

She now teaches highly committed clients the same simple yet powerful strategies that helped her to transform her own life. Her ongoing inspiration is to help women to thrive in the lives they are passionate about, to achieve what they want to achieve.

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