Siobhan Dolezal

Siobhan Dolezal

Siobhan is a 24-year-old Health Enthusiast living in Belgium.

After seven years of suffering from severe atopic dermatitis, she finally managed to start healing her skin from the inside out by adopting a whole foods plant-based diet, reducing stress and removing toxins from her life.

Her personal experience: never underestimate the power of preventive and restorative self-care.

On her website Plant Seeds, she shares recipes, tips and personal reflections with regard to healthy living, plant-based nutrition, and eco-lifestyle.

Siobhan believes that: ‘Our life power comes from plants, nuts and seeds’. So Siobhan plants seeds. And she wants to encourage you to plant yours now, too.

If you’d like some help to ‘clean up your diet’ you can contact Siobhan via her Facebook page