Isaiah Fliessbach

Isaiah Fliessbach

Isaiah was born and raised in the mountains of northern California into a family dedicated to living a natural lifestyle.

Natural living meant growing their own food, building their houses by hand, harvesting water, and living harmoniously within their environment.

Although he was raised in that lifestyle, it was as a teenager, that he began actively working within himself to learn how to embody and maintain exceptional health.

Embodying and sharing gratitude and appreciation is one of Isaiah’s strongest gifts. He has an innate ability to help others to wake up to more of their potential in many ways and through many modalities. Over the years, it has become clear that the catalyst for this gift has been his own healing journey.

Isaiah believes in the power of the body to heal itself, and sees the body and mind as inseparable partners in the expression of who we are. It is through the body that he helps others to clear the way for their own realization and experience of greater freedom and happiness.

He approaches the process of helping others to embody themselves by illuminating and educating about the many ways that we can strip away and unwind tension, stress, and toxicity.

He truly believes that this is the most important thing we can do in our lives. It is out of this personal awakening and growth that he believes we will ultimately be able to serve our families, our communities and the world to the highest degree possible.