How To Create A Daily Yoga Practice… Even If You Don’t Have Time

How to Make Your Daily Practice More Enjoyable


Daily Yoga Practice sounds great in theory!

You leap out of bed each morning, slip on your organic yoga kit and ‘Namaste’ your way peacefully through your day…Bliss.

However, if you’re trying to fit your daily yoga sessions into your busy working life… juggling the needs of your family… or embracing the chaos of life with young children…

Then it’s likely that you’re experiencing much more, ‘Not Today’ than ‘Namaste’;)

Don’t worry!

Your life doesn’t have to be perfect before you can benefit from regular yoga practice… In fact, the more chaotic and busy your life is, the more ‘regular’ yoga practice will benefit you!

‘But how do I find the time?’ I hear you cry.

Just pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and before you can chant ‘Om Shanti’, I’ll have some answers for you: 

5 Ways To Make Time For Daily Yoga Practice 

  1. Find the time that suits you:
     Do you aspire to an early morning yoga practice, only to give up altogether when it doesn’t fit into your routine? 
    The key is to find the right time for yourself and your lifestyle.
    If your children are very early risers, for example, you may find it more enjoyable to do a relaxing yoga session in the evening, when you c
    an fully focus on your practice and prepare yourself for a restful night.
    Be flexible with your practice too…if 5 minutes is all you can do, then that’s just fine. Celebrate and remember that 5 minutes daily is better than an hour weekly.

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    2. Vary your routine:
     If you stick to one routine (or series of postures) each time you practice, you may find yourself getting bored or notice that you are less enthusiastic throughout your session.
    Try looking for different routines online, or practicing your postures in a different order each day if you find that variety helps to keep you inspired.
    Use different postures depending on your needs. Unwind your neck and stretch your back out if you’ve been at the computer all day and you’ll get more done, I promise you. Yoga will make you more effective and productive 😉

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    3. Find a mat you love:
     If you want to make yoga a positive and permanent feature of your life, it’s worth investing in a great quality yoga mat that will give you the support and flexibility you need to get the most from your practice, and inspire you to stick with it! It’ll help you to create a nurturing space that’s ‘just for you’.
    You’ll love the beautiful Blisscloud Eco Mats which are lovingly designed to ‘feed’ your yoga love.

    4. Join with others:
    As with any form of exercise, practicing with other people can help you to get the most from your yoga workout. You’ll encourage each other to stay motivated, and you’ll practice for longer because you’ll enjoy it more. 

    Get your kids involved, join a class, or invite friends round for an impromptu workout with a YouTube video or a DVD.
    A flexible body and a boost to your social life… What’s not to like! 

    5. Be kind to yourself:

    If you miss a day of practice (or a few ;). Don’t start beating yourself up mentally, or thinking that you’re a failure. Speak to yourself as you would a friend who you love and want to encourage. Remind yourself of the benefits you get from your practice, then start your routine again, as soon as you’re able to. This way you’ll do it with a happy and grateful heart, rather than because you feel you ‘should’.

    Anna Katarina Challacombe

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