Chris McDermott

Chris McDermott

I’m a ‘Health Results Coach’ and I help people with ‘Low Energy’ and ‘Emotional Difficulties’ get ‘More Energy’ and to really start ‘Loving their Lives again’.

I’m also a ‘Chi Nei Tsang’ practitioner, a Qi Gong Instructor and a Natural Health Enthusiast!

I’m extremely passionate about Water and especially high quality, structured Water. I regularly collect water to drink from a local Spring in Disley, Derbyshire near to where I live in Manchester, United Kingdom.!

In the future I will be writing more articles on Spring Water and ‘How to Find A Spring yourself’ and it may even be possible to join me as I collect water from my local Spring. So look out for this in the future!

If you would like to contact me for future info or if you would like to work with me on your own health, you can contact me at